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Questions & Answers

Please find below a few commonly asked questions and answers that may help with your enquiries.

Q: What timbers do you use?
A: We use a variety of timbers in our products including Rimu, Rimu Mdf, Matai and Custom Wood.

Q: Are your products exportable and can they get through customs?
A: All our products comply with export and customs regulations, which is that the timber must be kiln dried and sealed. Although our products are exportable, it is still strongly recommended to declare it while traveling through customs.

Q: Do you use New Zealand Paua?
A: Yes our Paua is collected in New Zealand and through a special process it is pressed into thin sheets which make it easier to cut.

Q: Are your products Made in New Zealand?
A: Yes, all 250 products are designed and manufactured in our factory in Rotorua.

Q: How Long have you been trading?
A: Memories of New Zealand, previously trading as Rotorua Handcrafts, have been trading for 60 years. It was originally started by George and Zilpha Coppard and in 1987 was bought by their son and daughter in-law Gary and Sandra Coppard. There is now the third generation currently working in the business also.

Q: How do I care for my wood products?
A: To clean simply wipe with a damp cloth. Do not submerge in water, place in a dish washer or clean using abrasive cleaning products. When leaving out for display, do not place in direct sun light.

Q: How do I become a customer?
A: Follow this link and fill out our form to become a customer.

Q: How can I place orders?
A: You can either email your order to or Fax it to 07 349 1651 or you can get a customer login and order online through our shopping cart system. Please note that considering the problems we have had in the past with fax machines, we would prefer emails.